Anna Scatola

In a blatant and unashamed act of sheer nepotism, I'd like to announce the launching of my wife's website,

Anna is a Costume Cutter and Soft Furnishings Maker. She's not much of a braggart but I, on the other hand, get positively bloaty with pride whenever I see her work in the public arena. I literally marvel at the complexity of some of her creations, attention to detail and good honest old school approach to hard work.

However, the sweet stuff doesn't stop there. Working from home as a freelancer has its benefits, but also its downsides. The best way to improve one's art is to interact with creative contemporaries. Internet forums do a great job in that respect, but they're no substitute for face to face chat with someone who has a natural creative eye... before you ask, no, she is not standing over my shoulder with a baseball bat!

If the website design looks familiar, it is because we used mine as a template! I admit I'm no web designer but that aside, we both agree that despite the plethora of flashy bling which could be done to online abodes, we both prefer simple, elegant unfussy interfaces which easily guide users to the actual content.

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