Saturday, 20 July 2013

Self Portrait 2013

Self Portrait. 30cm x 40cm
As far as I'm concerned, self portraits have nothing to do with vanity; they're simply the best way to get 24/7 access to your subject. This portrait was done in four sittings at the mirror with Chroma's Atelier Interactive Acrylics. I gave the canvas board a Raw Umber wash before using a limited palette of Titanium White, French Ultramarine, Transparent Red Oxide and Yellow Ochre. Tiny beads of these pure colours have been applied down the zip pull.
 Somewhat ludicrously, on finishing the painting I thought the face looked slightly too long and thin, checked my measurements, which seemed roughly okay, then realised the mirror I was using must have been a 'magic slimming mirror,' warped to stroke our vanity. I guess you'll just have to imagine my face a little wider!