Friday, 1 March 2013

Trail of the Lonesome Pines

Lonesome Pines
This sketch is the next in a series testing the ease-of-use contraption I made which you can read about here and here. Again in Edinburgh's Botanical Gardens, this time with my back to the Giant Redwoods. It was a cold, crisp morning, very peaceful with hardly a soul around, which perhaps explains why the pines were lonesome. To recap, I added a priming layer of clear medium oil pastel to see if I could speed up the initial blocking in phase. This did work much better, but I still want the first phase to be quicker. Of course it may just be that my natural painting speed needs turning up a notch, but next time I might try quickly blocking some sky and ground before leaving the house! It is only an issue because rather than first drawing the scene, I'm filling the surface with a basic sky/ground before scratching into the base layer to roughly mark the position of everything. I have to say the more I do this outdoor painting lark, the more I admire painters who do it full time. Its not an entirely relaxing process because you're against that king of clocks, the Sun, but I guess the process gets easier with practice. This time I lasted about 1.5 hours before most of the scene fell into shadow so again, I took it home to finish.