Friday, 28 December 2012

The Trouble Upstream Illustrations

Cover image
At the end of November I was lucky enough to receive a commission for the cover image of Andrew Means' new book, The Trouble Upstream. Released as an ebook through Smashwords, the story is delightfully written and engaging from the the first page. It is set on a wild river in Arizona which appears to be drying up, threatening Beaver's home. Along with friends Skunk and Ringtail, he sets out on a journey to the river's source in search of a solution.

Back Cover image
Andrew is also planning a print release, so we agreed to produce a greyscale back cover image of some pack rats playing on improvised instruments, which was a joy to paint.
Both were produced with natural media software, ArtRage Pro and Adobe Photoshop. They were both completed in a few days with clear, simple guidance from Andrew. The book is available now for both Kindle and iPad and I can thoroughly recommend it! Click on images to zoom.