Sunday, 15 July 2012

We Who Are About to Die Salute You

For some reason I was reminded of gladiators thrust into a certain death battle when recently, the British government took the decision to kill whole communities of Badgers in the somewhat pointless hope their deaths will reduce bovine TB. If you are French, you might be thinking, 'good,' because I am reliably informed that in France badgers are thought of as  nature's scum! But whilst I completely understand good management of the situation is essential, I am immensely saddened at the thought that all those magnificent creatures will die for nothing. I can happily live without beef and all the associated health problems linked to the way we process and eat it, but a Britain in which badgers are enemies of the state is unthinkable to me. This is a complex and contentious debate which does involve livelihoods, but unfortunately we humans are sometimes guilty of acting like self serving monsters. After all, this is their country too. Here are some interesting articles: Observer Letters, Countryfile Article. I, Science
The image is a detail from a panoramic for the upcoming iPad version of Piggotty Wood, which features quite a few reworked and brand new images necessitated by the change in format. It seemed very appropriate on this sad occasion! Click on image to zoom.