Friday, 1 June 2012

Path to Culcrieff

Path to Culcrieff - Acrylics
Quite some time ago I painted an image in ZBrush which featured Anna being caught in a photo I took of Ben Nevis. I Liked the idea that her silhouette accidentally appears in so many images of outstanding views and decided to paint a series of them in my spare time. Life being what it is, spare time has been limited since then - my to do list gets longer every day, so I have only just got round to the first traditional image in the series. Painted with Atelier Interactive acrylics on canvas board, Path to Culcrieff shows a magnificent conifer splitting the canvas from top to bottom. It is late afternoon, the shadows grow longer and the waning sun projects intense patches of light and shade onto the tree. We used a wooded path to get back to the cottage every day and this was the point at which it opened up to reveal gorgeous panoramas of distant Munros. Anna provides a sense of scale as she  steps into the tree's shadow and I love that she has since replaced her rucksack with a little pink one - something likely to become a signature of the series. I think the next painting will be a traditional version of Accidental Tourist with aforementioned change of bag colour!
Accidental Tourist - ZBrsuh (Digital)
I'm still learning how to use the Atelier Interactives so this painting was all about exploring the materials. The result is rather tentative and I want to get to a stage where the strokes are looser, wetter and more confident, but all in good time. Click on image to zoom.