Sunday, 1 April 2012


I admit to being a passionate figurative art lover, always have been since the days of Ladybird Books 606D series, such as 'The Elves and the Shoemaker" and 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' illustrated by Robert Lumley. I am always looking out for stuff to ogle and there are so many great things to check out this month, kicking off with David Gray's painting techniques blog featuring some fascinating time lapse videos of the maestro painting his masterpieces.
Something I picked up from David's blog that I really must try - walnut oil as a painting medium. Not that it'll make me a better painter but I've read a few good things on using it, most currently in the latest addition of Artists & Illustrators magazine where there is an excellent article on non toxic painting. Leah Mebane explains that walnut oil can also be used for cleaning brushes - of interest to me because I currently work at home in a fairly compact space so I've been using water soluble oil paints which I'm happy with, but much prefer her idea of using only pure earth pigment and walnut oil, which would get rid of toxins and fillers completely.
Meanwhile in ImagineFX magazine, the real stand out item for me is Felideus' amazing beer label illustrations for Italian brew, Busker's Beer. I have seen these online at itsart but it is good to know his gorgeous style is reaching ever wider audiences and actually they look even better in print.
Meanwhile, issue 84 of International Artist just dropped onto my mat, a magazine which contains so much goodness it is impossible to put down. I could choose many highlights from this edition but I particularly liked Omar Rayyan's article on the art of illustration and the amazing James Gurney's masterclass on atmospheric effects.
Finally, Pixologic recently released an update to ZBrush which includes tools for making fibres and hair without having to leave the app as well as many other new and amazing goodies.
So much ocular feasting to be had, click on the links and enjoy!