Sunday, 1 April 2012

Highlights Continued

This is an idea so beautiful in concept
and execution it deserves a post all of
its own. A while ago I came across a breathtaking sculpture made from Ian Rankin's 'Exit Music' in the foyer of the National Library of Scotland and have since found that it was only one of 11 sculptures which made up a modern day tale so magical you'd be forgiven for thinking it came from the pen of J.K. Rowling.

A year ago mysterious sculptures made from books began appearing in Edinburgh's public institutions dedicated to the written word, beginning at the Scottish Poetry Library where a wonderful "Poetree" sculpture was found with a note which said, 'It started with your name @byleaveswelive and became a tree.… … We know that a library is so much more than a building full of books… a book is so much more than pages full of words.… This is for you in support of libraries, books, words, ideas….. a gesture (poetic maybe?)'

The Stories Are In The Stones
As the year drifted by more sculptures emerged at the National Library of Scotland, the Filmhouse, the Scottish Storytelling Centre, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Central Lending Library, The National Museum of Scotland and the Writer's Museum until finally, a pair of exquisite sculptures labelled 10/10 appeared back where they started at the Poetry Library. The creator has remained anonymous and last I heard the Poetry Library is hoping to exhibit the whole collection. It is both heartening and inspiring in this day and age to know that someone can create such beautiful objects in support of creativity without a thought for self publicity. Whoever you are, thank you for a wonderful gift, I salute you.
But wait, the magic does not stop there. On 25th November 2011 Ian Rankin got in touch with the Edinburgh Bookshop and said he was expecting a parcel to be delivered - could they let him know when it arrived. The parcel was another sculpture labelled 11/10. Simply brilliant.
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