Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat - ArtRage Pro
I grew up in North Lincolnshire, a flat
part of the world where unbroken horizons stretch for miles and skies are vast blue canvases for abstract formations of cumulus cloud. This is where the Glasgow School came to paint masterpieces like 'To Pastures New' by James Guthrie. In moments of boredom I would blur my eyes and imagine the clouds as far off mountains, places where dragons dwell and hobbits roam in search of adventure. I desperately wanted to live somewhere lumpy! Well now I do and perhaps those juvenile longings subconsciously contributed to my move north, because Edinburgh is anything but flat and all the more beautiful for it!

Arthur's Seat Texture Detail
This painting is a result of both my fascination with Arthur's Seat and a continuation of custom brush creation in ArtRage Pro. Here I simply removed the brush's ability to scale with pressure creating an impasto flat brush. I really like the built in textured marks such brushes make, they do a lot to combat that 'digital' look. This particular view is from the top of a multi storey car park in Leith, but it is a constant presence wherever you go in the city, turning even the most mundane of scenes into something more inspiring. When I next get the time and inclination I'd like to create a physical version of this on a large canvas with thick paint and huge brushes.

Cù Sìth - ArtRage Pro
In this old digital painting I used a photo reference of Arthur's Seat as the domain of the mythological creature Cù Sìth (Coo Shee,) said to be an enormous otherworldly green dog with shaggy fur and a long braided tail. Painted in ArtRage Pro with a combination of AR's native oil brush and a custom sticker spray brush. I could happily spend my days photographing or painting Arthur's Seat yet never get the same view twice because the weather constantly swings between extremes, providing an infinite number of inspiring views. Here is a tiny random selection of photos I have taken of Arthur's Seat and the surrounding area.

From Calton Hill

Salisbury Crags
Salisbury Crags
St Stephen's Church, Edinburgh

View of The Pentlands at Dusk
Blinded by the Light!
Who Needs Lords
Mini and Maxi!

Edinburgh Castle From Salisbury Crags

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