Saturday, 8 October 2011

Loch Tay

We recently went up the road to Perthshire for a few days, one of which was spent exploring the area around Loch Tay. It started as a miserable drizzly day but by lunch we were able to sit at the Kenmore end and enjoy some gorgeous views up the length of the water.
This picture was painted in a 30 x 40cm canvas sketchbook using a combination of Sennelier and Caran D'Ache oil pastels. It was finished once we got home where the pebble shore gave me an opportunity to figure out how to get fine detail with such chunky media. I don't like sharpening pastels because the shavings are wasted and they are expensive, but using a craft knife for sgraffito techniques minimised waste and enabled me to scrape highlights back to the canvas with some precision. Click on image to enlarge.