Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Creative Giant

I was saddened to hear of the death of Steve Jobs this morning. Of course most eulogies speak of him as the most influential business man of his generation, which is true, but Steve Jobs was one of my creative heroes. I did not really take much notice of computing before enrolling on a year long creative computing course in 1995 where we used Apple's PPC 7500 and 8500s, but even before then I somehow knew computers were being used creatively and if I ever got one it would be an Apple. I eventually bought a PPC 7600 when securing 3D work for an instore marketing company in 1997 and to be honest, have not needed many upgrades since! That is because Apple's products have always been solid, reliable and extremely easy to use, like an extension of our creative brain, like an extension of Steve Job's creative brain. I watched with horror as Apple nearly went down but never believed they would (and wished at that point I'd had a few thousand quid to invest in Apple shares because they went down to pennies!) I whooped with joy when Gil Amelio bought NeXT in order to accelerate the modernisation of Apple's operating system. As part of the deal Steve also came back as advisor and I knew from then that Apple would be OK again. But they were more than OK, because Steve Jobs had the vision of changing the way computers looked and felt forever. That is bold and rare artistry, not sober business sense. From the first day I switched on a Mac I have always loved using computers to paint with because Steve Jobs, Johnathan Ive and Apple made sure my Mac was a pleasure to use while never getting in the way. It just works. Thank you Steve.
The image comes from Apple's website.