Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Odds and Sods

Just a quick post really, very busy at the moment! Here's an update showing the re-worked snow scene from the top of Calton Hill looking down to the centre of Edinburgh. I must say after years of not really getting on with Acrylics, these Atelier Interactives seem to be the best of all worlds - I love them for their flexibility. An airtight container makes a good mixing palette which can be lightly sprayed at the end of each session to keep paint wet for the next day. The palette proved useable for a week, which was handy as I could only spend short stints on this before the the start of each working day. Chroma's claims of unlocking paint already on the canvas also hold true, so I can choose whether to let areas dry immediately, or whether to keep it workable. Marvellous mechanical mouse machines!

I did this painting some time back. Remember when we had some half decent picnic weather? Well we did you know, though it was a long time ago now! This image is an oil pastel sketch of a place we ate al fresco. Unremarkable as far as landscape subjects go, but I really love the way branches intermingle to create abstract webbed patterns. If I ever get away from my computer long enough there will be more of these!

This was a quick iPad 2 Study looking up at the sheer cliff to a portion of Edinburgh castle (I have started idly writing a story which will require such a scene.) The sketch was done during beta testing for ArtRage iPad's latest great thing - script recording, bringing it in line with the full desktop version of ArtRage. It is wonderful to bring a recorded script back to the mother mac and marvel as it re-creates paintings at print resolutions. This also marks the first time I've tried AR's watercolour brush along with pencil, crayon and palette knife for blends. Happy.
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