Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Boxy Chessmen - Pawn

Back in February I posted some designs for a chess set inspired by The Lewis Chessmen and Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories which I was reading at the time. I had always intended to squeeze this project in between work using ZBrush to sculpt the pieces in 3D, but recently Pixologic released the brilliant Sculptris Alpha 6 with support for Mac OS X. Sculptris started as a hobby app by Tomas Pettersson and dynamically adds or subtracts triangles as you sculpt which is amazingly liberating for 3D artists who are always so tethered by issues of polygon topology and other such uncreative issues. Consequently, everything starts as a sphere which you mould like clay, adding extra detail where needed and removing superfluous triangles to keep the poly count down.
I imagine the protruding sword might be an issue for a figurine. I'll probably have to bring that further in so it is up against the torso, or perhaps even replace it with a couple of smaller daggers. I'm pretty happy with the first attempt at using Sculptris though!
You can see a looping turntable movie here
Click on image to enlarge.