Friday, 15 April 2011

A Year of Drivel

Ha! I have been writing drivel on my front page for a year now. Happy anniversary. I don't consider this a blog. It came about simply because I was looking for a way to update a small news section which previously involved dipping into Rapidweaver and uploading updates via ftp. Since ease of use was the priority I went with the idea of starting up an account at and embedding it into my front page. Once that was all in place updating the news section became a pleasure, not just because it was easy, but also because it has re-awakened a long dormant joy in writing (with acknowledgement of bad grammar and many spelling errors.) 'What's the point,' say blogger critics, 'who reads this stuff anyway?' Well actually many creative journals are amazingly well populated. It is heartening to see how well art is supported online. Indeed before I embedded the blogger I got maybe a handful of visitors a year, but now that figure has risen to hundreds a month. Hundreds of people every month. Astonishing, and I thank every single visitor for it!
The image above called 'Ticking Head, Beating Heart,' is not particularly associated with this post, it just seems odd to publish without an image. It is a simple contemporary doodle using ArtRage's oil brush featuring an often used warm/cool scheme to explore the fundamental creative assets we humans posses. How's that for drivel? :) Click on image to enlarge.