Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rotring Resurrection

Sweet Chestnut
After a week of intensive hydro massage and mouth to nib resuscitation, I am thrilled to get my old Rotring Rapidograph pens back in working order. Although these days you can get disposable tech pens and many other much lower maintenance drawing tools, I've yet to find anything which bites paper like a Rotring. One of life's small pleasures is to be standing in the Royal Botanic Garden on a sunny March day sketching strangely shaped sweet chestnuts with a 0.25mm nib!

Stride (below left) started as a mark making test with a 0.5mm pen. I really like the way the big hair turned out and the background texture gives a nice sense of movement. Still life with chickens (below centre) started as a pencil study for a light hearted painting showing my kitchen featuring those brilliant Easter chickens made by Anna, but the pencil was being smudged away so I lined the piece with a Rotring to fix it. Alder (below right) was sketched on the same day as sweet chestnut but with a 0.5mm pen. I like the sparse areas where the barest minimum of lines are enough to describe the bark detail.

Still Life with Chickens