Thursday, 17 February 2011

FanArt Magazine

A couple of posts ago I published a piece on a small selection of inspirational artists and at the time I half thought there should be a magazine which does this. Well I have since discovered there is, FanArt. Even better, it is being put together by a friend and fellow ArtRage user, Stefano Fiore aka Misterpaint, along with Azzurra Ponti (Azure) and Alessandro Canale (Alexen.) Even better, it is free! Now there may be one slight caveat for some of you - the magazine is currently only in Italian, but for me this is a great thing as I get to practice my more than rusty other mother tongue. Besides, you know what they say about words and pictures and ratios of 1:1000.
The mag is beautifully designed, informative and packed full of great imagery. I urge you to support this excellent enterprise.