Saturday, 18 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas
If you were on my Christmas Card list this year you will no doubt have already received a card. I had originally intended to make it a very busy scene with ladders leaned up against the snowman and lots of people enjoying the weather, inspired as I was by a recent viewing of Breugel's 'Hunters in the Snow.' However in the end I deleted most of the population in favour of something much simpler.
Intial ArtRage Sketch
3D Reference
An initial sketch using ArtRage's chalk and oil brush tools was used as a background over which I traced some basic 3D geometry to check the perspective of other elements. Something I enjoy doing occasionally and for the 15 - 30 minutes it takes to put a simple 3D scene together, you get an awful lot of reference information back. Relevant reference material doesn't always present itself, but you can always make your own. Cinema 4D also provides a basic artist mannequin which is useful for quickly posing and placing humanoid figures. Happy Christmas one and all!
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