Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Apple Agency

Apple Agency Screenshot
This week, my agency have been kind enough to put a sheet of my work on their front page. By way of thanks, small gesture though it may be, I thought I'd write a potted history of The Apple Agency.
Simon Burr started out as a traditional illustrator over a quarter of a century ago. I've seen his work and it comes as no surprise to learn that his business soon flourished despite the considerable hurdles. To put that in context, before the digital age an illustrator would have to travel the length of the country to meet with clients, travel all the way back to carry out instructions then do the same thing over and over again until the piece was approved. When fax machines first came out he jumped at the chance to own one despite their phenomenal cost and terrible output; it at least meant the client could approve work without an all day journey. The workload became so huge Simon began sharing projects with fellow illustrators and eventually went on to set up The Apple Agency. I'm sure all his artists will agree Simon's illustration knowledge is an invaluable part of the process! Soon after the agency was established, he realised he needed to expand and enlisted the help of an old friend, Iain Blenkhorn, who also quickly became an invaluable. It is a rock solid setup!

Simon Burr
I first came across the Apple Agency about 7 years ago while looking for work online and noticed they were based in my home town, Scunthorpe (up the iron!) Luckily, Simon and Iain saw a chink of potential and gave me a chance. We have since worked on hundreds of projects together. Bizarrely their office turned out to be within walking distance of my parents' house so I always felt fate was in a philanthropic mood that day. Long may it last!

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