Monday, 1 November 2010

Them Were 't' Days

I'm a bit rubbish at this online networking lark. Tweeting? I still haven't found an answer to the obvious question, why? *Insert: I have come back from the future to inform myself the answer may have finally been found!* Likewise my Facebook page is forgotten for weeks on end and I somehow never get round to learning its conventions.

I do know why this is though. Time is speeding up. That's right, you heard it here first. Time is not uniformly linear. There's probably a beautifully powerful yet astonishingly simple mathematical formula which perfectly describes the relationship between accelerated rate of passing time and age of the entity measuring that rate. In other words, I really can't be bothered learning this stuff because I'd never get the time back. Better to spend it creating.

Having said all that, I did recently remember to check my Facebook page and was pleased to find a greeting from Sarah Godsill, who happened to be on a little 80s nostalgia trip. I met Sarah on the fine art course at Newcastle Poly, but perhaps my most vivid memory of her was as unofficial artist in residence at the legendary Jumpin & Hot Club. She would feverishly sketch  acts as they did their turns and sometimes that meant sketching me as part of a busking jazz band called 'The Bats.' I love the expressiveness of these sketches and they are somehow more intensely nostalgic than photographs. That is what happens when artists draw and paint people; an extra sprinkle of magic.

These days Sarah is still capturing the spirit of occasions. For example, the brilliant images below are the result of time she spent with cast members rehearsing West Side Story. You can also find some more events illustrations here:

Click on images to enlarge.