Friday, 9 July 2010

Lair of the Firehorse

This image started as a series
of abstract brush marks using Corel Painter's impasto brushes. Eventually this delightful creature grew from the flames. I don't know what a firehorse is, though having just googled I learned that in the Chinese horoscope, a Fire Horse is 'highly strung, powerful, inconsistent, alluring and motivated by strength of will.' So downright pigheaded then...

There is something I really like about natural media software oil brushes.
Of course logic says it shouldn't matter whether you can see an impasto effect because content is king right?
Well, maybe, but software impasto does seem to affect the way we make marks, and just as with traditional impasto, the texture adds another layer which is inexplicably compelling.

One of the most exciting things about creating random images is that they can quickly develop into bigger ideas and taller stories. This one stands out as a myth well worth exploring further and rest assured I will dear reader, I will...

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