Saturday, 5 June 2010

Old Oak Tree

Perhaps I shouldn't say this out loud - I love trees. I've always loved them, but while recently making illustrations for Piggotty Wood I became just a bit more than a tad obsessed.
As a result every tree I see now seems to possess some kind of humanoid feature, so I decided to get it out of my system and paint of few of my favourites, beginning with an old craggy oak. This fellow sits alongside many of his brethren in the grounds of Dalkeith Country Park near Edinburgh. That pesky badger charged me a fortune in modelling fees. I say painting, but this image was actually created with Sennelier oil pastels. If they were good enough for Picasso... Click on image to enlarge.

Coincidentally, I recently saw a programme on The Glasgow Boys which featured, among others, a young artist called Jack Frame, who heroically hauls his full kit around to paint the most magnificent paintings of trees. I'm hoping this means we tree geeks are about to get tree chic. See Jack's work here.